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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pleasing results with RIT dye

At the moment I am reading 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith who interestingly also wrote '101 Dalmations'. I watched the movie on Netflix a little while ago and found it quite captivating as it depicts a somewhat Bohemian, poverty stricken but genteel family who live in a castle. The father is a writer, the stepmother an artist and artists' model and there is a lot of yummy vintage frock wearing. Arty, literary types wearing lovely clothes is always going to do it for me so all in all most enjoyable.

There is an episode in the book where the protagonist, her stepmother and sister find a packet of green dye and subsequently dye every textile in their house green. As they are so poor, it is their only entertainment and they become quite addicted to dyeing. I have just overcome a similar addiction and am currently in RIT dye abuse rehab.

It all began with a salmon pink crocheted cardi in my wardrobe which, though lovely, never got worn as it just felt altogether too glaringly pink every time I put it on. I purchased a bottle of RIT dye and managed to dye it a most beautiful silvery grey. I was going for navy but who cares, it was a fabulous result and I was hooked. I dug out a pair of white pants which I never wear because.... well because they are white pants. Anyway, for some time I have been obsessed with the color of this dress and the color palette of the Sessun Fall collection and got it into my head that the pants needed to be a very specific burntish orangeish brownish type color and that this color and no other color would do. I went to the RIT dye website and lo and behold they have a lovely and very extensive color chart complete with the dye formulas needed to make them. To cut a long story short, I made umpteen trips to the grocery store to purchase various colors. I had a dye mishap day when I used powder dye instead of liquid and created a weird green color. Not wanting to be wasteful I used it anyway. It was just like the scene from 'I capture the Castle' as I went hunting all over the house for items to dye green. I finally I ended up with the exact color I was after and dyed the white pants accordingly. I also had a day of dying everything black and then I almost moved into my red phase but the combination of the grocery store not having the color I needed to get the exact red I was after and the fact that I had pretty much run out of things to dye stopped me in my tracks. The obsession has faded but it was intense there for a while.


  1. Those look perfect!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Gosh you make me laugh!!!!
    Who knew a dying story would be so entertaining.
    I don't know 'I capture the castle' but I'll google that now but still, I can just picture you going crazy!!!! Ahhh I love it!
    I am now even more pleased you turned to knitting - I have a feeling your husband is too ;) I would think there's less risk (of going crazy ;) with knitting - but then again.... i mean what can you do? Knit up a wall to wall rug? ;)