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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Knitting Socks Rocks

Halloween weekend looked like this around these parts. This does not bode well for someone who dislikes winter as much as I do. The summer seemed woefully fleeting, Fall almost didn't make an appearance and now we are catapulting 900 miles an hour toward Winter once again. The movie The Shining is starting to take on a whole new meaning for me. I need a plan.

I'm trying really, really hard to embrace the winter and prepare myself for it so that it is a cosy, peaceful time and not likely to turn me into an axe wielding maniac. I am girding my loins (I love that expression) in preparation. So far I have knitted one pair of socks. This in itself is a major miracle because prior to now, I have been completely unable to knit. A couple of weeks ago, a very powerful desire to knit socks overwhelmed me and I got myself a pattern book and a set of DPNs (double pointed needles to us knitters you know) and within seconds of getting my hands on them, I knitted like a maniac for about ten days and lo and behold at the end of it I had socks. My husband said I seemed obsessed. It was as if my brain had been taken over by a wonderful knitting elf. A wonderful knitting elf who was prone to make mistakes but carried on regardless until first one and then two socks were done. In the past, I've never succeeded in getting beyond casting on and knitting a couple of rows before giving up because so many stitches had been dropped and new stitches gained. This time it was different, I made mistakes but I kept on going. So now I can knit which is so cool - except that now I have yet another creative endeavor to try to fit in somewhere. At least when I couldn't knit, I didn't even have to think about making sweaters and stuff but now I've added socks, sweaters and hats for the whole family to my list of projects. This could just be the key to getting me through winter. Perhaps the reason I have disliked winter so intensely is that I was not a knitter but now that I am a knitter it will save me from becoming a nutter.

I have to say, that as well as the knitting elf who took over my brain, this book from Patons was really simple to follow and may also have played a big part in my sock success. I'm very very into knitting socks now and have already cast on my next pair. Hand knitted socks are so soft and warm, I'm hooked. Crikey, I'm almost feeling optimistic about the months to come.


  1. "...but now that I am a knitter it will save me from becoming a nutter." That made me laugh out loud. It is so true! I have a roommate who loves to knit and said she'd be happy to teach me. And I could always, always use more socks!

  2. Wow these look awesome. If only Johnny had needles and yarn, huh? lol

    I'm so inspired by you to knit again - and maybe I'll even advance to knitting more than straight lines ;)

    Your socks are beautiful and the grey colour is perfect ;)

  3. So nice! I think I will put this on my knitting list.

  4. Wow, so much snow already. Yes, good thing you knit:) I like the way you write, by the way. I really enjoyed reading this post. Hope you are having a wonderful evening! Barefoot Mama