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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tree Figures

Last Friday I took the kiddos to a local art museum which is something I haven't done for ages. They are all at a good age for this now. My middle child recently decided that she wants to be an artist so I thought it would be particularly interesting for her. My eldest child claims to have no interest in art but then blows my mind with his observations when actually confronted with it. The youngest always seems happy to tag along with what everyone else is doing.

One of my favorite things in the world is talking with children about art. It's so refreshing to hear what they see in a piece. It's always unfiltered and without pretension - just an honest reaction to what they see. They also seem to learn so much from it.

There were some very nice pieces on display but we all really loved these tree figures by Joseph Wheelwright in the sculpture garden.

I am totally captivated right now by this amazing murmuration clip.


  1. Wow beautiful.
    So nice to take your kids to an art gallery.
    My girl announced she wants to be a ninja when she grows up ;)
    Where would I take her? (I guess to a taekwondo class ;)

  2. What's the museum Julia? I just tweeted this link. It looks amazing.