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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In my kitchen lately

This week I gave wontons a go again. I'd actually forgotten that I'd made something like this before but then the blog reminded me. I have Gwyneth Paltrow to thank for this recipe although I don't as a general rule thank her for much. The last time I attempted a recipe from her latest cookbook,  'It's All Good' it was anything but good and I ended up feeling completely inadequate because try as I might, I could not coax her millet felafel recipe into a felafel shape. It insisted on maintaining its status as a bowl of mushy millet with seasonings. I quite clearly remember thinking as I made it,  I bet it always turns into a felafel when Gwynnie is making it and then closed the book up, returned it to my shelf and silently vowed never to put myself through that again.

However, time heals and I completely forgot about how inadequate Gwynnie's book with its beautiful pictures of Gwyneth and her beautiful children eating beautiful healthy food including intact felafel, outside, in beautiful weather, made me feel and I rashly attempted another recipe, this time for veggie dumplings.  I realized that it would be totally unreasonable of me to presume that I could possibly make both the contents and wrappers for the dumplings from scratch - I mean, yes, I would attempt this if it were someone else's recipe but I suspect that to get Gwyneth's recipes to work from start to finish, you need that certain magic that Gwyneth has been blessed with and I and most other mortals have not. So I took a short cut. Now I know that Gwyneth would never do such a thing but Gwyneth as we all know, is in a league of her own (although in all fairness to her - she did say it was okay to use store bought wrappers - I don't really believe she ever would but she did gave her blessing to people like me who are not quite as gifted). I used store bought wonton wrappers to make the dumplings and I didn't add some (many) of the ingredients she recommended for the filling. For example, I felt I could live without quinoa in them especially as that would involve another pot and apparently she only eats Perfectly Cooked Quinoa which I pretty much knew I wouldn't end up with despite all my best efforts.

Okay in the interest of full disclosure, I also didn't steam them in a bamboo steamer. I baked them in the oven. I'm not sure Ms. Paltrow would approve. Actually I'm not even sure it would be reasonable to claim that I made her veggie dumplings as I think the only common denominator between hers and mine was tofu.

Having said that, despite many missing ingredients and not making homemade gluten-free dumpling wrappers these turned out pretty well and I got an "I love these" from my son which considering they contained tofu and cabbage and were completely devoid of meat, was a pretty incredible thing to hear. Hmm, maybe Ms. Paltrow is onto something.

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  1. I think it's awesome you got it to work...and I also think that all recipes are really just guidelines...open to any and all adaptation...

    ~Have a lovely day!